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How does car physics work in the original Death Rally? Part one, background extraction, background position tracking. (C++, OpenCV)

Likely the original Death Rally is my favourite game of all time. Okay, maybe I loved other games too, I grew up with Lara Croft and I played through all the classic Tomb Raider games at least three times (by … Continue reading

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How can I be a zero-bug programmer?

It is a short article again, but I was surfing on the internet and I found a perl. See this link. Actually, it is an old joke, but I’m in good mood and I find it pretty funny, so I … Continue reading

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Face it, Tiger

I promised that I wouldn’t write about personal things, but every rule has an exception. (Okay, this issue about rules and exceptions is not so trivial, please, examine the exception paradox if you are interested in.) Likely I’ll never forget … Continue reading

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About in-person programmer interviews in my point of view

Amat victoria curam – victory loves preparation. When I started looking for a job, I started to prepare myself for in-person job interviews. First, I made a small research about the literature of in-person interviews. and the following articles seemed … Continue reading

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Quick blog post and comment – my three favourite programming jargon

This post is rather a comment or a reaction to an article on the blog Coding Horror than my independent and own writing. But I must write it, because I like these terminologies. I would like to learn all of … Continue reading

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In Praise of Thinking

The biggest trouble in the world that we don’t think enough. Okay, I hope I’m not right but I really feel so in these days. It comes in my mind after I read this article. I’m pretty sure that I … Continue reading

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Something like an introduction

I’m an ordenary guy who likes to create programs and who wants to achive the topcoder ranking. I hope blogging is an good tool for that – likely a journal about the experiences and thoughts and insights is pretty helpful … Continue reading

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