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What is the difference between a junior and a senior programmer? (Personal)

Nowadays, I don’t feel like writing, but yesterday a funny idea came up to my mind. Once – it happened not so long time ago – I was in the running for a simple job, a determined guy prepared to … Continue reading

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About middle-test loops

Ordinary program loops can be cathegorized into the following two cathegories: pre-test loops and post-test loops. For example, in C++ for loops and while loops are pre-test loops, do-while loops are post-test loops. (It isn’t very hard to find out … Continue reading

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My five most common programming mistakes in C++

I’m a junior programmer. Junior means I don’t have industrial experience, sad, but coding at home and working at a company are entirely different things. Strict deadlines, teamwork with a lots of smart guys, really big source codes and the … Continue reading

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How can I be a zero-bug programmer?

It is a short article again, but I was surfing on the internet and I found a perl. See this link. Actually, it is an old joke, but I’m in good mood and I find it pretty funny, so I … Continue reading

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C++ templates and Kung Fu training (C++)

Maybe you like martial arts movies as much as I do. (Or even more than me. I never watched a Sonny Chiba triple feature, for example.) When you do, likely you remember these great training montages with cool warm up … Continue reading

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Quick blog post and comment – my three favourite programming jargon

This post is rather a comment or a reaction to an article on the blog Coding Horror than my independent and own writing. But I must write it, because I like these terminologies. I would like to learn all of … Continue reading

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In Praise of Thinking

The biggest trouble in the world that we don’t think enough. Okay, I hope I’m not right but I really feel so in these days. It comes in my mind after I read this article. I’m pretty sure that I … Continue reading

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