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Five weird features in C++ that you likely use when you are a great OOP developer

The syntax of C++ seems pretty weird sometimes. Think about the function pointers (int (*ptr) (int, int) = myFunction;), think about functions that return function pointers (int (* func(int a, int b))(int, int)), think about the keyword “const” (const int* … Continue reading

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A C++ programming exercise: Calculate the first 4000 digits of PI in one second! (C++)

In these days, to me the hardest part of C++ practice is finding good and interesting programming practice problems. I learn the theoretical background of C++ programming day by day from various books, but it is not enough, I have … Continue reading

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Quick blog post and comment – my three favourite programming jargon

This post is rather a comment or a reaction to an article on the blog Coding Horror than my independent and own writing. But I must write it, because I like these terminologies. I would like to learn all of … Continue reading

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In Praise of Thinking

The biggest trouble in the world that we don’t think enough. Okay, I hope I’m not right but I really feel so in these days. It comes in my mind after I read this article. I’m pretty sure that I … Continue reading

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Similarities between enumerations and classes (C++)

I read about the “enum hack” (here is a very complicated case of that) and I wanted to try it. So I coded the following simple C++ program: You are right, it isn’t valid. There is a typo after the … Continue reading

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Snoopy calendar is forever (C++)

Do you remember what the famous Snoopy calendar is? A little help: “The typical Real Programmer lives in front of a computer terminal. Surrounding this terminal .. a line-printer Snoopy calendar (For the year 1969) is taped to the wall.” … Continue reading

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How to integrate Flash CS5 fla files into a FlashDevelop project (ActionScript 3.0)

The quick answer is simple: create an SWC component from your Flash CS5 fla file and just add them to your FlashDevelop project. If you do everything well, the integration will work very fine. The long and detailed answer is … Continue reading

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