My flash games

Under the following link you can find the blog of my last game project, it is my first team project: Traced. I’m sure I’ll write more about it (especially when the development will be coming to the end), so please, just read my articles (and Kaylin’s articles) if you are curious about it!

Previous projects
The first section contains full flash games. I started to develop flash games in September 2010 and these are my finished projects.

1.) Adam the archer (October, 2010)

2.) Hobo quest (January, 2011)

3.) Puzzle killer (March, 2011)

4.) Space Rabbit demo (May, 2011)

5.) Jigsaw Puzzle Game (July, 2011)

The second section contains small projects. A good coder can code them in days (or maybe in hours). They demonstrate my abilities and my current level in AS3.

Mini window system (May, 2011)

Simple carousel (July, 2011)

MiniMap (July, 2011)

Flying particles (September, 2011)

Rotating dodecahedron (March, 2012)

Slideshow & Slot machine (March, 2012)