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Don’t reinvent the wheel, don’t believe in magic (C++ programming language, Stroustrup)

I decided that I would read regularly classic programming books. I need to learn and if I need to learn, why do I not learn from the greatest programmers of all time? I want to know him better and I … Continue reading

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Is garage hacking disqusting? (Software engineering course from

Most of the blog will be about garage hacking or, in other words, software craftmanship. I don’t have any problems with the term garage hacking, some people find it humiliating or degrading, but I don’t think so. From my point … Continue reading

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Something like an introduction

I’m an ordenary guy who likes to create programs and who wants to achive the topcoder ranking. I hope blogging is an good tool for that – likely a journal about the experiences and thoughts and insights is pretty helpful … Continue reading

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