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How to write your own AS3 project using VI and how to compile it under Ubuntu linux (ActionScript 3.0)

Once I thought Adobe Flash CS5 was the only one way to write ActionScript 3.0 programs. Well, it is not true, but I didn’t know that. I’m a programmer and my profession is not drawing and animating things, I’m working … Continue reading

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Another annoying mistake (ActionScript 3.0)

Debugging is not always a torture. It is when we have to beat a deadline and when eliminating bugs from a new product is matter of life and death, but when we have enough time and we are enthusiastic enough, … Continue reading

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An annoying typo (ActionScript 3.0 )

In the last days I’ve worked on the project Traced, in other words, I’ve coded pretty much in ActionScript3.0. It wasn’t bad at all, except a typo. It was nothing more than a small and boring semicolon, what I forgot … Continue reading

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The deadline is apporaching, project Traced (ActionScript 3.0)

I’m sure you don’t know, what Traced is at all, so I’m going to tell a bit about of it. It is the name of a new game we are currently working on. When I write ‘we’, I mean our four-person … Continue reading

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How to integrate Flash CS5 fla files into a FlashDevelop project (ActionScript 3.0)

The quick answer is simple: create an SWC component from your Flash CS5 fla file and just add them to your FlashDevelop project. If you do everything well, the integration will work very fine. The long and detailed answer is … Continue reading

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