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How can I be a zero-bug programmer?

It is a short article again, but I was surfing on the internet and I found a perl. See this link. Actually, it is an old joke, but I’m in good mood and I find it pretty funny, so I … Continue reading

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Macro, with or without you (C++)

“Macros are the bluntest instrument of C and C++’s abstraction facilities, ravenous wolves in functions’ clothing, hard to tame, marching to their own beat all over your scopes. Avoid them.“ C++ Coding Standards: 101 Rules, Guidelines, and Best Practices by … Continue reading

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An annoying typo (ActionScript 3.0 )

In the last days I’ve worked on the project Traced, in other words, I’ve coded pretty much in ActionScript3.0. It wasn’t bad at all, except a typo. It was nothing more than a small and boring semicolon, what I forgot … Continue reading

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The deadline is apporaching, project Traced (ActionScript 3.0)

I’m sure you don’t know, what Traced is at all, so I’m going to tell a bit about of it. It is the name of a new game we are currently working on. When I write ‘we’, I mean our four-person … Continue reading

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Learning the VI editor – First steps

I started to learn using the VI editor. The main reason, that I like to hack small programs on Linux. The GNU tools, gcc and g++ and automake are fascinating to me, OpenGL is always ready to show some graphics … Continue reading

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Face it, Tiger

I promised that I wouldn’t write about personal things, but every rule has an exception. (Okay, this issue about rules and exceptions is not so trivial, please, examine the exception paradox if you are interested in.) Likely I’ll never forget … Continue reading

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The XOR swap (Programming hacks)

Okay, it is a well-known (and not a very useful) trick, but I must write about it because I’ve never heard about before, and it seems like some kind of magic. Each programmer knows that if he want to swap … Continue reading

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