Something like an introduction

I’m an ordenary guy who likes to create programs and who wants to achive the topcoder ranking. I hope blogging is an good tool for that – likely a journal about the experiences and thoughts and insights is pretty helpful to notice mistakes, wrong thoughts and bad habits. It is a feedback from myself to myself, it allows me to review my things, to see what did I do good and what did I do wrong. Here I’m forced to face my decision and thoughts in a written form, and I can be working on them, I can understand them better. It is an unavoidable part of learning, I think so.

I’m not a rockstar coder, I’m not even very good or talented or young, but I love to create things, I love to build things and I believe this passion will help to overcome my disadvantages. Before I start blogging I clearly state a few set of rules. (“Rules. You can’t get anything done in the world without rules.”) They will be my guilding principles on blogging and yes, they are my golden rules.

  1. It is not a personal, it is a professional blog.I don’t want to blog about political opinions, girls, blockbuster movies or computer games. It would be nice and I really like to talk about such things (a good and deep conversation is likely one of the best things in the world), but 1. it is not a good practice to write about irrelevant things to a blog, if I want to relax, I just message friends, I get the attention and I can be sure that they don’t judge me, it is faster and more safety than blogging. 2. I hope you are here to read my objective and professional opinion and experiences in coding related topics.
  2. I don’t want to be hiding.If you want to contact me or if you want to know, who I am, just open the page ‘about’. I disabled the comments, because I find random trolls and flames and these “gimme the source code, plz!” messages pretty annoying. I have no wish to waste time with them. But if you are a serious person and you have to tell something to me, you can take a crack at sending an email:).
  3. Calm, reasonable, sincere, impartial tone. I’m a people so I have emotions, but I don’t want to write about my hates, fears or admiration. Patience and niceness are important caracteristic of professionalism. “Being professional means you keep your cool and remain calm under any circumstances.”
  4. I won’t leak confidental informations. I won’t write about my employers, I won’t post details about their projects without their permission. On one hand, it is infamous, on other hand, it is pretty unconvinient to face the consequences.

That’s all. I wish me all the best. Learning is a long and hard journey, likely I need all the best wishes to achive my goals.



About vrichard86

I'm Richard and I'm an enthusiastic coder. I want to be better and I think a professional journal is a great self improvement tool. Welcome to my blog, to my hq, to my home on the web!
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