What is the difference between a junior and a senior programmer? (Personal)

Nowadays, I don’t feel like writing, but yesterday a funny idea came up to my mind. Once – it happened not so long time ago – I was in the running for a simple job, a determined guy prepared to give 10 dollars per hour to a handsome programmer, who could teach him programming. I admit that I wanted to be the teacher and the winner of the job, but I just wasn’t handsome enough. It was my first job interview in English – okay, it is a slight exaggeration, I talked to a teenager who was maybe more unemployed than me at that time. Anyway, it was a funny situation and I was so embarrassed that I wasn’t able to tell what distinguish a senior programmer from a junior programmer.

Well, it is not a real hard question, there are complicated and detailed explanations all over the internet. (Try this thread on stack exchange or read Jeffry R. Fisher’s opinion, or visit Jeff Atwood’s Coding Horror again and look for The Eight Level Of Programmers.) But believe me, it is much easier. What distinguish a world chess champion from a grandmaster and what is the difference between a chess master and an amateur? I’m sure you know something about that even if you cannot formulate it in an accurate way. What is the difference between a seasoned professional and a tenderfoot? As far apart as the poles. I don’t want to formulate the difference (as I mentioned, I don’t feel like writing), but I try to show it:

Yes, it is so simple, seasoned players are just better players, and they hide more aces under their sleeves and/or their belts. I experience it nowadays many-many times, and that’s why I feel lucky. (The picture comes from the famous game Railroad Tycoon. Thank you for that, Sid Meier.)

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