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C++ templates and Kung Fu training (C++)

Maybe you like martial arts movies as much as I do. (Or even more than me. I never watched a Sonny Chiba triple feature, for example.) When you do, likely you remember these great training montages with cool warm up … Continue reading

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The Treasure Island Problem, Distance Transform (Algorithms)

I never wrote about image processing in my blog, and I’m ashamed of it because I just love it so much. I don’t want to tell that I’m particularly good in it, but I can tell it fascinates me. Friday, … Continue reading

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Select a certain number of people randomly – an algorithmic problem, lessions (Algorithms)

I totally rewrote this post. Sorry for that, but the first version was a huge mistake. Likely the greatest blunder of my life. 🙂 (This statment isn’t true, I made pretty much mistakes in my life and a bad article … Continue reading

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