Learning the VI editor – First steps

I started to learn using the VI editor. The main reason, that I like to hack small programs on Linux. The GNU tools, gcc and g++ and automake are fascinating to me, OpenGL is always ready to show some graphics and you don’t need these big and fatty and boring IDEs like Eclipse and Visual Studio, all you need is a bare text editor and a linux shell. (And maybe some programmer’s fuel, Diet Coke in my case.)

I used gedit until now, it is simple enough but it isn’t very effective. (However, it provides at least syntax highlighting.) I read it on the internet somewhere, that vim provides some sort of auto completion and auto indenting, and that’s why I want to know more about it. I found a free book and I started to practice vim. I created a small tutorial to myself about basic things, here is it:

I remember I had a Unix course at the university and my teacher told: “VI is awful, the only one thing, that you should learn about VI, that how to close it, because it isn’t trivial at all and maybe somebody starts VI by accident“. I bet most people think the same. But it doesn’t stop my curiosity.


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