Is garage hacking disqusting? (Software engineering course from

Most of the blog will be about garage hacking or, in other words, software craftmanship. I don’t have any problems with the term garage hacking, some people find it humiliating or degrading, but I don’t think so. From my point of view, good mathematicians and good writers and good painters seem like garage hackers. I mean, these guys are just sitting in a garage (or in their room), and they try to do something really hard, something, what is beyond their power. And it is cool. Okay, not always cool, the efforts of the stupid guys, who are not able to solve even a simple task because it is beyond their power, are rather pathetic. But if you train yourself every day, you develop the necessary skills and you still want to have more, it must be cool. Risky players with their obsessions are always cooler than safe players.

Software enginers are safe players. If you have serious deadlines and lots of programmers and there are tons of money, you can’t fall, so you start to play safe. It is a wise strategy, but I find it boring. Wisdom is a boring thing. And is it possible to control everything in a software project with pure wisdom and scientific knowledges? can nothing unexpected happen, is software engineering the best way to create softwares, is the quality of the software independent of the abilities of the hackers who are working on it?

I hope we can answer “no” in some cases, and the garage hacking is not a totally bad approach. And I’m sure that there are a lots of other cases, when we have to try to avoid to reinvent the wheel and the thumb of rules of the software engineering are working pretty well.


One of my friends recommended me the Coursera and I found a pretty cool software engineering course, what is free for everyone, you can take a five week college course of the University Berkley for free. It is awsome because I always thought that software engineering is boring, but no, it seems cool. I decided I would refresh my knowledges, I would take the class to think my opinion over about software engineering. It takes only five weeks and you learn not just the philosphy, this class gives also some introduction to the Ruby on Rails.


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